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Committed to the Growth of God's Kingdom

Narborough Congregational Church


We are a friendly family church which acknowledges Jesus as the head. Our aim is to grow deeper in our relationship with God and with each other. We are committed to serving our community with a wide range of activities from CAP Money, a free money management course to Pete’s coffee bar.

Our Sunday morning worship starts at 10.00am.

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10.00 am Sunday Worship: 18th March

When Jesus passes by something always happens!  He made a difference to blind Bart, He’s made a difference in my life, can make a difference in yours too.  Why does that happen?  How does that happen?  We warmly invite you to bring your own questions and to find answers.

Our worship will be lead by Elaine Taylor.

John sanders will bring God’s word.

We invite you to join with us as we meet for shared worship in the Robjohns Hall adjacent to the church.

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Salt Seekers

Salt Seekers Bible Study

A twice monthly meeting held in the Manse at 9.30 am for an hour of informal study and fellowship around the bible.  See calendar for details.

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CAP Money

See calendar for details

CAP Money is a comprehensive yet astonishingly simple money management course to help you get, and then stay, in control of your finances. The principles taught by our Money Coach in this three-week course have proven to be effective for thousands of people over the last ten years. The course is entirely free of charge, and includes a Money Management Pack with personal budgeting tool.

Contact the CAP Money team by email below.


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