Narborough Congregational Church

Committed to the Growth of God's Kingdom

Plumbline Ministries International


On the 9th September 2007, Simon Matthews, Director of Plumbline Ministries International welcomed our church into the Plumbline family of churches. We ackknowledge that Simon is an apostle to us at Narborough Congregational Church.

In 1984, Simon and Julia Matthews felt God leading them to move from Cornwall to East Anglia in order to concentrate on church planting and development.

Having both been involved in church leadership for many years, including Youth Director for Good News Crusade, Simon and Julia along with a few others established an apostolic base in Huntingdon from where a ‘Jerusalem, Judea and to the uttermost parts of the earth’ (Acts 1:8) vision would take shape. In essence, this was the birthing of ‘Plumbline Ministries’.

Simon’s vision comes from his anointing as an apostle and ‘spiritual father’. He is passionate to see:

  • Individuals and churches birthed and grounded in Christ.
  • Christians equipped and empowered to fulfil their calling.
  • The body of Christ strong and working in unity.
  • Revival and Spiritual Awakening in our communities.

Plumbline does not seek to be a denomination, affiliation or organisation (though for practical reasons a charitable organisation exists) but rather a ‘Family’.

As part of God’s greater family, we are joined in relationship together by apostolic fathering and committed to the vision outlined.

Some of the distinctive values of Plumbline are:

  • God’s Word is our plumbline
  • The importance of Vision
  • Family/Relationships (not a denomination/organisation)
  • Reality and Integrity
  • Variety (not uniformity) amongst the related churches.